Are you tired of being over weight? Are your parents or siblings struggle with their weight too? Maybe you have fallen victim to the limited belief you have bad genes. Research tells us differently.

Our genetics sets the stage for our health potential but does not doom us to illness or being fat. Genes involved in chronic diseases generally have to be triggered. Likewise there are steps that can be taken to positively alter a persons genetic expression to return that person to health and lose weight regardless of their genetic makeup. This is what The 10 Day Detox helps to accomplish with its 10 healthy rules you follow for 10 short days.

Diet is one important factor in the expression of our genetics. What we eat in a single meal has minimal impact but long-term dietary choices and the efficiency of our digestive capacity significantly impacts genetic expression. Nutrition does not alter genes but can alter the way genes are expressed. Real food is packed with information to talk to your cells and their expression of life.

In his book Genetic Nutritioneering Dr. Bland comments:

“The idea that the foods you eat and the nutrients they contain have the ability to communicate with your genes may be new and strange to you. Information emerging from current scientific research, however, strongly supports that relationship…genetic messages can either be put to sleep or awakened as a consequence of alterations in your diet.”[1]

Learn the best ways to reach your unique nutrition needs with a broad spectrum nutrient dense program like The 10 Day Detox. Your genes will sure be glad you did.

[1] Bland, Jeffrey, Genetic Nutritioneering, Keats Publishing, 1999, p.34

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