The 10 Day Detox

Get your body back in shape!
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Liquid meals

The 10 Day Detox will include ample amounts of healthy organic vegetables & fruits in fresh prepped juice, smoothie, salad, and soup format – This will be known as your LIQUID meals. There will will also be “detox approved” whole foods in SOLID meals. 

Solid meals

For your second meal of the day, you’ll be consuming your largest meal of the day.  This meal will be known as your SOLID meal. All LIQUID and SOLID meal recipes will be provided to you for this 10 day detox. 

The Best In Detox

No matter what your health goals are, this program is designed to help YOU!

On Average, we have participants lose an average of 5-10 lbs in 10 days. 

10 Days – 10 rules to follow

Along with your healthy eating habits will include 10 vitally important rules you must try to follow while on the detox.

For example Rule #2 Drink Half Your Weight In Ounces Of Water!

These 10 Rules will create healthy habits into your normal daily routine, so when you are done with the detox you can continue to be healthy!


1 Hour Video

You will get full access to our 10 day detox video with detailed notes that you can reference over and over.

You will learn in this video why you should detox, what a toxin is, 5 top toxic foods you probably consume every day, 3 BIG reasons why you can’t lose those last 5-10 pounds you want and more!!



All the recipes

We took all the guess work out so you can focus on completing and enjoying the detox.

We will provide you with a step-by-step, day-by-day, meal plan with 2 different options each day!



Support from us

Each person who signs up for the 10 day detox will get invied to our specail CLOSED support group on Facebook.

There you can ask questions, post recipes, be motivated by others like you doing the detox and more!

Why our detox?

Unlike most detox’s that are often demanding and almost impossible to follow through with to the end. 

This detox is going to give you a proven step-by-step program to eliminate toxins out of your body and shred belly fat – SAFELY, PRACTICALLY, AND EFFECTIVELY!

There will be no starvation, no liquid only consumption, and the recipes ACTUALLY TASTE GOOD!!


We live in a toxic soup, you can’t avoid this in today’s modern world. Periodic cleansing and elimination are essential to your health and well-being.

The Global Toxicity Epidemic is a leading CAUSE of Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Weight Loss Resistance and more.

We will teach you how to rev-up your own detoxification pathways to give you weight loss, more energy, and a better night’s rest. We guarantee it!

– dr kevin sarich & ali cooper

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It’s time to get you healthy!